Monday, June 14, 2010


Today the wonderful UPS person brought a box of new goodies for me to play with from Stampin' Up! I am loving the benefits I find as a demo, I don't know all of them but they seem to sneak up on me and become happy suprises. This time, it was that I could order the level 2 and level 3 hostess sets (one of each) for a very reasonable price! We also get to order from a list of new items ahead of time, not in my budget right now but I did manage to get a few stamp sets. The picture is a card I made with the level one hostess set called "Because I care." It is quickly becoming one of my favorites! The desgin that appears on the paper from the stamp is like magic to me with the incredible detail in the artwork of the images and the wonderful sentiments that perfectly match the pictures!

Yesterday was a lot of fun too with a trip to the strawberry farm in Kenosha.  For $7 a bucket (bushell?  Quart?) you can pick your own strawberries.  If you bring the bucket back next time, you get $1 off your pickings for recycling the cool is that?

Still not much of a voice and today was the most of the "being sick" thus far.  Hoping it goes away tonight so I can go scrapbook tomorrow at a friends house, I can't wait to play some more with the new toys that were delivered today!

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